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What's going on

This page is a bit like following me around without getting arrested for it. On here I'll be posting things which I find interesting and hopefully you may too. They could be recent projects I've been working on, things I've seen while out and about, and maybe the odd funny vid. Who knows.

Where you can find me

Apart from my website, you'll also be able to find me on:


Another happy client

Just received a lovely testimonial from one of my clients. I'm filling up.

"To say Alex is at the top of his game is incorrect, he is always at the top of his game. He never fails to deliver above our expectations whilst keeping in the parameters of our remit. His enthusiasm is infectious which stimulates creativity in abundance."

Mark Phillipson,
Director, Redbrick Properties 

Jul122012 finally goes live!

I know, I know, it's taken a while....but I've been so busy recently, finding time for me was pretty much impossible. Anyway, after finally finding some spare time to knuckle down and spend some quality time on me, I finally pushed the big green button (if only it was that easy) on Tuesday and went live. I've received some really positive feedback already which is nice. I'll keep it updated too with lots of new work and posts, so keep popping back to see what I'm up to. Hope you enjoy it!