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My approach
Before a pen touches any paper, I start by getting to know everything about your business, your market and most importantly your customers. I simply step into their shoes and look at things from their perspective. The better my understanding of their buying motivations, the better I can influence their behaviour. That's not as sinister as it sounds, promise! it just allows me to get a feel for what makes customers select your business or your product over and above your competitors.
How I can help you
The services I provide are built upon a thorough understanding of your needs. I basically do what's right for you, or rather, what's right in terms of communicating your brand to your customers to ensure you achieve the results your business deserves. To do that, I deliver a proven brand-building process. And quite simply, it works. My clients are now more successful than before I started working with them.
Understanding your business
Successful design solves problems. It overcomes obstacles, like what is the most efficient way to generate new business and retain existing business. That's what I'm all about and that's why I'm so interested in understanding your business. Once I know how it works and how it factors in the needs of your customers, I can identify the best way to move forward. Also, because I'm media neutral, I won't suggest a route that's more in my interests than yours. Instead I take a fully integrated approach to communicating your brand.