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Client feedback

It's always great to receive feedback from my clients and the agencies I work with. Below are a selection of testimonials. I like to call it 'Trumpet Blowing Time'.

Chris Martindale, Director, Power of One Assessments Ltd

"Having recently set up my own business as a career counsellor and recruitment specialist, I was looking for someone to help me create a professional and people focused image for my business. Alex took time to understand what I was looking to achieve and also what my likes and dislikes with design. I was very impressed with the creative concepts that were created for my brand identity. However one stood out for me as being perfect and when I did some research with colleagues they all went for the same one too. It has the people focus I am looking for, whilst being corporate enough for my business clients.

Alex has been very supportive throughout the whole process and has been of great assistance in helping me set up my new company brand. I am truly delighted with the results, thanks so much."

Jamie Spencer, Creative Director, Spencer Creative

Alex Dale has to be one of the best freelancers out there. He has the ability to pick up a brief very quickly and always understands the bigger picture. Alex is passionate, open minded, and a very talented creative. In my eyes he is the 'Cream Of The Crop'.

Sam Rainy, Managing Director, Ripe Design

"I would recommend Alex's creative services to any client. He is extremely good at coming up with creative concepts, reliable and a nice guy to top it off. I've tried to get Alex to work for me full-time on numerous occasions but he's too good and as a result too in demand."

Andy Hosie, Marketing Director, The Football Village

"Alex worked with us to help develop the brand of Football Village and now the new project of The Village at Valle Romano, taking it right from concept stage to management of the brand. Proactively approaching each project with creativity. We enjoy working with Alex and look forward to working together on new projects in the future."

Alexander Dale Testimonials